Do you like punk rock? I sure do.

The Beautiful Child is my hardcore band, which is actually just me. I started recording heavy music by myself when I was a teenager. Instead of sports or clubs, I’d come straight home after school and teach myself how to record. Some of it was the hormonal, peak-emo acoustic lamentations you’d expect from a little closeted queer outcast like me, but I also delved into hard music, which really resonated with my rebel soul. I had a gestation-themed improvisational grindcore project called Baby Oven. The music was as bad as the concept sounds. It was, however, cathartic as fuck to scream my ass off in my bedroom, and play the drums as loud and fast as I possibly could.

I eventually made friends with the few punk kids at my high school, and we started several bands, the best of which was called Adele and Everest. We played shows at DIY spaces in the suburbs of Atlanta, and sometimes we’d sneak off to the city to get a taste of the scene we hoped to enter after high school. We put some years into that life, and those were some of the best days I can remember.

I may have grown up and sold out, but I still have to scratch the enduring itch to make brutal music. Hence the record you see here. I think I’ve gotten better since the Baby Oven/A&E days. And yes, I still have all those old recordings, but I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of sharing all that.

After Picture is a new thing I’m working on. It’s not hardcore, but I’d still call it punk. The song in the video is called Eternal Recurrence. It’s about the Nietzcshean concept of the same name, which asks, if you had to live the same life over and over again for eternity, would yours be worth it? Gave me a lot to think about when I was about to come out, that’s for sure.

Oh, by the way, I’m looking for members in these bands, in case you want to join. I need a back-up plan in case this advertising thing doesn’t work out.  

Andrew Sellier & Sasha Abadin
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