Andrew Sellier is an art director.
Sasha Abadin is a copywriter.
They make ads together @AnomalyNYC.

Sasha According to Andrew

After some time wandering through life, I found Sasha (she/her) in Atlanta. In the first few weeks of knowing her, she told me about trying to be a writer while living in a warehouse. And how someone could be a metal band all on their own. They’re both incredible stories you need to ask her about.

Our meetings would migrate from location to location, and get sidetracked into discussions about philosophy, art, literature, and eventually back around to ads. When we first started to work together she’d say, “we’re the only people we could stand to work with for hours at a time.” It's still true, I'm literally on the phone with her right now.

I’ve gotten to know Sasha as someone who is unafraid to challenge ideas in any arena. She fights for creativity in her life and in our work. And she’s the only writer I’ve ever worked with that cares enough about art direction. She isn’t afraid to remind me about that one.

It’s been a couple years since I met her. We still talk about philosophy and I still listen to her play tunes on the guitar. Somehow ads come out at the end.

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Andrew According To Sasha

Andrew (he/him) is a bird lover from Texas who is honestly a little too cute for his own good.

What I mean is, when he talks, you kind of just wanna eat him up. You could say that makes him very easy to work with.

That he’s into birding was his icebreaker during ad school, so he will always be a passionate bird enthusiast to me. Even if he stops birding altogether.

He’s good at a lot of things. Like making jam, for example. He gave me a wonderful fig spread recently, which I ate with toast every morning for about a week.

He’s really tall, but I think he doesn’t like it when that’s the first thing people notice about him. Which I totally get. Actually, ignore that I told you he’s tall, please.

He’s very sincere and I really admire that about him. You can really tell he wants to be the best version of himself that he could possibly be. Makes for an ideal creative partner, if you ask me.

Honestly, I wish we hung out even more. Wanna go get a beer, buddy?

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